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Reanimator Live CD Extreme Edition RC5 (2011/RUS)
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  • Date: 10-05-2011, 19:54
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Reanimator Live CD Extreme Edition RC5 (2011/RUS)

Description of the movie:
Reanimator Live CD Extreme Edition RC5 (2011/RUS)
The disc is positioned as a fast, live for copying information / remove a password / recovery / analysis and repair of off-line system From the author: So, what can drive? Here is a list (of course, that this disc features do not stop) The size of a frame-drive is automatically calculated, depending on the amount of memory. The size of the framework of the drive can be changed on the fly "without loss of information, as well as you can run a program that will monitor the state ramdrayva and if necessary, automatically increase the size. 3 Recovers and edit the registry guest machine 4 fast and with maximum comfort to save user data 5 deal pleasant things, such as scrolling, fast shutdown 6 support a large number of Lan / Wi-Fi cards, and SCSI / Raid Controllers The main purpose of the disk as before - to copy the remnants of the system before reinstalling or quickly find out what happened to the dead car. Tools disk contains enough. An Active Directory Explorer 1.41 - tool for working with AD 2 Fab's AutoBackup - a program that finds itself in the registry of the computer user profile location (s) and allows them to quickly copy 3 AVZ 4.35 - one of the most well-known anti-virus tools 4 umbr 1.9 - a program to MBR 5 ERD Commander 2005 v5.0 + Debugging Tools - a powerful set of utilities from Mark Russinovich for a variety of manipulations I have a dead system 6 Norton Ghost - a program for creating disk images 7 InfToReg - a wonderful tool for integrating controller drivers, and much more 8 of the program to work with Microsoft Office files and PDF (there are associations with files) 9 Acronis Disk Director Suite 10.2161 - program to create partitions on your hard drive and work with them 1910 Putty - a client for a variety of remote access protocols, including SSH, Telnet, rlogin 11 Qip - beloved by many, "ICQ" 12 Radmin Viewer 3.4 - software for remote control 13 Rehive Registry Reanimator 1.3 - Troubleshoot the registry of the dead 14 R-Studio v.5.2.130690 ENG - one of the most popular programs for recovering information 15 sala's Password Renew 1.1-BETA - a program to recover password windows 16 SAMInside 2.6.4 - Professional program to recover passwords for users of Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista 17 ServicesPE v1.0 - working with the services of a guest 18 Total Commander 7.55a - the best file manager 19 UUDiscsStudio 3.0.2 - an excellent multifunctional package for recording CD / DVD drives 20 Victoria 4.46 - a utility for low-level work with hard drives and "restoration" of bad sectors 21 IFS-drives - a program to linux-sections 1922 S & M 1.9 - award-winning utility for stress testing the memory. CPU and GPU 23 Driver Export PE Driver Export PE (retention of drivers) 24 OfflineSysPrep 25 TeraByte Image for Windows 2.60 26 R-drive Image 4.7 4719 Rus (by conty9) Checksums: MD5: 86F9B8642A0F25152941BB6CA3754D3D SHA1: D99FB2F25839E0245D9B13C2D07B5C0E92AE0714 CRC32: CAEDCFBA Year: 2011 Version: Extreme Edition RC5 Developer: aftertime Bit: 32-bit Language: Russian Crack: is not required File Type: iso / rar (+3% ) Size: 157 MB Download Reanimator Live CD Extreme Edition RC5 (2011/RUS)[/center]
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