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Windows XP Pro Dell OEM SP3 (2010) Original
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  • Date: 19-02-2011, 17:53
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Windows XP Pro Dell OEM SP3 (2010) Original

Description of the movie:
Windows XP Pro Dell OEM SP3 (2010) Original
Windows XP Pro Dell OEM SP3 (2010) Original | 635 MB
This is an exact copy of my bootable Dell OEM disk that just I just ordered as a replacement for my scratched reinstallation disk, as shown in the photo. It is a PERFECT copy of Dell Windows OEM XP PRO SP3, 32Bit, and nothing has been added or removed. ON DELL COMPUTERS, it does not need a key during installation or after and it is self activating > A TRUE DELL OEM COPY. The image was made with ImgBurn 2.4.4. You must perform a clean install with this disk. This is a Dell OEM version of Windows XP PRO SP3, 32Bit. No serial or activation is needed on Dell Computers. You may have problems installing this on PC?s that have SATA HDD?s. You will be able get all Windows Updates without the need of a crack or patch. You will also be able to use all Microsoft software that requires the WGA check and valid serial verification. You can always use one of the numerous "key finders" available to find your actual "key" after installation. It is the Dell OEM XP Pro bulk key. Use ImgBurn, CDburnerXP, Nero, UltraISO, Daemon Tools, etc., to burn the ISO to DVD. I prefer ImgBurn to ensure high quality, file integrity and bootability with its "Verify" function during the burn process. Hash Results: 1. File: XP_PRO_SP3.ISO 2. Size: 626061312 bytes 3. Modified: Saturday, 01.12.2010, 2:02:32 PM 4. MD5: F67BE79335EA428B65DBADF4F9CFBB66 5. SHA1: FC585B154BFD9D4C7A424B6E01DE3E7BD1183F5F 6. CRC32: CDFA0A4E
Download Windows XP Pro Dell OEM SP3 (2010) Original:
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