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Photoshop Plugins and GFX Resources for Web Designers (27-07)
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  • Date: 27-07-2013, 16:18
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Photoshop Plugins and GFX Resources for Web Designers (27-07)

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Photoshop Plugins and GFX Resources for Web Designers (27-07)

Photoshop Plugins and GFX Resources for Web Designers | 1.64 GB

Hello, the other day I decided to buy myself some resources from a website, and I thought why not share it with you guys, maybe they'll come in handy. I myself find this useful, I'm using many of this stuff pretty common while creating pages.

- WebZap V1.0 - Create a page layout easily with WebZap, just a few key presses, then use your Photoshop skills to customize the page, and then to later code it out in HTML, CSS and jQuery or whatever language you'll need.

- Ui ToolKit - Photoshop Actions, Shapes, Textures, Patterns and some background pattern images.

- PSDefaults Deluxe - Photoshop Presets (Actions, Brushes, Shapes, Gradients, Patterns, Styles) and some Fonts

- PSDefaults Add-On Pack - Photoshop Presets (Actions, Brushes, Patterns, Styles)

- PSDefaults Bonus - Some button icons and some fonts.

- Graphic Masters Resource Pack - Fonts, Signature Resources, User Interface, Vector Resources.

- bySquinz EX Pack V1 - A GFX pack from a GFX Artist on YouTube. This is in my opinion a great pack, if you have some photoshop skills or basic knowledge this will probably come in handy, and you can get to create something really cool.
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